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Can i undo command in command window?

Asked by Gonzalo Lerner on 31 Dec 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 31 Dec 2015
Hi there. I'm new to Matlab and i'm learning it's usage with a book that contains exercises. Sometimes it happens that i create a matrix and make several changes to it through different exercises.
If i do something wrong at some point and change the matrix in a way that i shouldn't have. Is there a way of undo only the last command? Or do i have to change the matrix step by step all over again?


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Answer by Star Strider
on 31 Dec 2015
 Accepted Answer

If you’re doing everything in the Command Window, there is no going back.
I would open and save a script file for your exercises and run the script file instead. You can Comment (use % in the first column) the lines you want to save but do not want to run for later reference as you go through your textbook. (I have a script file like that to test and save code I post here on Answers.) You can also use comments to refer to specific exercises on specific pages with respect to your code, so you can refer to it later.


As a companion to writing scripts, you'll definitely need to look at this link to learn essential skills in debugging them.

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Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 31 Dec 2015
Edited by Sean de Wolski
on 31 Dec 2015

You can use the command history to extract all of the "correct" commands that you've run to create a script. Press the up arrow, or type commandhistory and it will pull it up. From there, you can copy or run ("Evaluate Selection") what you want.
I'd also recommend docking your command history if it's not docked already.

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