How to connect incompatible components?

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Asaf Erlich
Asaf Erlich on 21 Jan 2011
I am trying to connect blocks from the SimRF library and blocks from the SimPowerSystems library and they simply do not connect. Unfortunately I don't know enough about matlab to make this work correctly so I thought I would come here and ask.
To give a few more details we're working with solar cells, so I copied Matlab's provided solar cell demo, and tried to replace the v-pulse with a load... but I was unsuccessful. The components don't connect.
Any suggestions? I greatly appreciate your help. -Asaf Erlich

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Seth Popinchalk
Seth Popinchalk on 22 Jan 2011
Simulink is the common environment, so you can use Simulink signals to connect between SimRF and SimPowerSystems.
To get a Simulink signal from SimRF, use a SimRF Output. To drive a SimRF component with a Simulink signal, use the SimRF Inport to convert the data signal into a SimRF signal.
Converting Simulink signals to electrical connections or vice versa requires using a SimPowerSystems block that features both Simulink ports and electrical terminal ports. Some SimPowerSystems blocks feature only one type of port. You can make measurements using components from the Measurements Library. Check out the Current Measurement, Voltage Measurement, and the Multimeter. These all output Simulink data signals. To drive a system with a data signal, use the Electrical Sources library with a Controlled Current Source or Controlled Voltage Source. Many of the SimPowerSystems blocks also input or output Simulink signals, so it depends a lot on what you are trying to do.

Asaf Erlich
Asaf Erlich on 22 Jan 2011
Thank you very much for your helpful answer. I just installed windows 7 so I will try the solution out as soon as I download matlab from my university website. I'm sure it will work though. Thanks again.
-Asaf Erlich
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Mostafa Abd el-Aziz
Mostafa Abd el-Aziz on 13 Feb 2017
Hi, I can not connect the variable resistor with PV Array in simulink! Could you help me please?

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