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How do I search a Simulink Model for a variable?

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Farhad Verahrami
Farhad Verahrami on 7 Jan 2016
I am trying to follow a Simulink model. There are many variables which have been defined/initialized in a Matlab script which is run before the model is run. I would like to know where in the model these variables are used. Is there a way to do this without having to go through each module of the model, or examining its mask parameters, etc.? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 8 Jan 2016
You can right-click a model and select "Find Referenced Variables".
This will take you into the Model Explorer tool (you can open this in other ways too), which shows the search results and lets you search again as shown here:
- Sebastian

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Farhad Verahrami
Farhad Verahrami on 8 Jan 2016
Thanks very much. In which version was this added? 2013a does not seem to support this; but 2014 does. Also can you do a "search" or you can just see tge variables used in a block with this view?

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