MATLAB camera calibrator to calibrate KinectV2

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Hei, I am using MATLAB camera calibrator to calibrate KinectV2 depth camera. But it does not recognize the checkerboard from the IR image. How can i do it

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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 8 Jan 2016
Hi Sudeera,
Could you post a sample image? Off the top of my head, I would suggest you try using a very bright lamp to illuminate the checkerboard.
On a side note, you can definitely use the Camera Calibrator to calibrate the Kinect's RGB camera. You may be able to use it to calibrate the IR camera. However, it is not really designed to calibrate the overall Kinect depth sensor.

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sudeera ranjan
sudeera ranjan on 8 Jan 2016
Hi Dima,
I've attached three images numbered 1,2 and 3. Image 2 is detected by the app.It is close to the camera. Once I managed to calibrate it, I'm going to use the kinect 1.5m away from the objects. So I should take images nearly at that distance. Can you tell me how to calibrate Depth camera once I calibrate RGB camera. I'm new to kinect and image processing. I'm using the functions given in below link to get kinect images.
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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 10 Jan 2016
Sorry, I can't help you any further. I don't know how calibrate Kinect 2.

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