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Error using urlwriteread. Error downloading URL.

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I'm studying machine learning from I'm using Matlab R2015b academic license. I've got error message during the job submission.
!! Submission failed: unexpected error: Error using urlreadwrite (line 98) Error downloading URL. Your network connection may be down or your proxy settings improperly configured. !! Please try again later.
I tried to set off windows firewall & antivirus and also reinstall Windows. The problem is still the same. What should I do to solve it.
Thank for advance.
zhida zhang
zhida zhang on 24 Jul 2021
Dear @Akshat Sharma, thank you very much, it solves my problem. Was confused for two weeks!

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Accepted Answer

Tushar Sinha
Tushar Sinha on 13 Jan 2016
Hi llya,
The problem here is that although your browsers trust certificates signed by "Trustwave", MATLAB release R2013a does not (yet). You can manually add Trustwave or the specific certificate of the website which you are working with to MATLAB's trusted certificate store however. The following article on our website explains how you can do this:
I hope this helps answer your question.
Ilya Bryukhanov
Ilya Bryukhanov on 14 Jan 2016
I download certificate for using Mozilla and then add it to MATLAB acerts file by Portede software. But nothing changes.
Moreover I tried to find the correct URL that I connected by writing urlConnection before try block in urlreadwrite function. I get this.
Java exception occurred: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
at Source) at

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