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date to number

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bahare on 18 Jan 2012
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi How to change the date with this format to number: 09-08-01 00:56:33
Jan on 19 Jan 2012
What is the wanted number exactly? A datevec or a datenum?

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sunil anandatheertha
sunil anandatheertha on 19 Jan 2012
Try using this for general purposes: a=clock;a(1),a(2),a(3),a(4),a(5),a(6)
Assuming the 09-08-01 00:56:33 to be,
day-month-year hrs:mins:secs, you can try using the following
a = '09-08-01 00:56:33'
day = str2num(a(1:2))
month = str2num(a(4:5))
year = ...
and so on. Hope this helped..


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