Why "Name is nonexistent or not a directory" only when Adminstrator?

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In the past couple days, Matlab has developed some strange behavior: If I run it as an administrator, it can't seem to access a remote drive ("Name is nonexistent or not a directory" upon startup when it tries to load my path; can't change directories to that drive), even though I can access that drive outside of Matlab. However when I run Matlab as a non-administrator, the error doesn't happen and I can access directories on the drive. What could be going on? More details: The drive is a NAS device mapped to a drive letter on my Windows 7 machine, and I am running 2015b.
K E on 22 Jan 2016
Yes, the actual network path works when I am running Matlab as admin. I will ask about NFS. The strange thing is that I previously was able to access that NAS when running Matlab as an admin.

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