How to directly specify rotation and translation matrices for camera parameter object

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Hi, currently I have a stereo dataset with known camera parameters (in the form of the CAHVOR model) which I can convert to photometric model. Hence I am trying to input the camera parameters as a cameraParams object "by hand". However I noticed that the Name-Value pair arguments only accept rotation and translation vectors in order to calculate the corresponding matrices. I wonder if it is possible to directly specify the matrices which is known.
Would appreciate if someone can shed some light on camera calibration in this case without using the calibration app.
Many thanks,

Accepted Answer

Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 26 Jan 2016
If you are ultimately trying to create a stereoParameters object, then the extrinsics in the individual cameraParameters do not really matter. So you could just create the two cameraParamaters objects by specifying the intrinsics and the distortion coefficients, and then pass them into the constructor of stereoParameters, along with a translation and a rotation between the cameras, where the rotation is specified as a matrix.

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