Intersect() Problem when none of the pixels overlap

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When I used intersect() to find the intersection between A (red) and B (blue), I failed to get any because the pixels don't overlap. What can I do to estimate the intersection point?
Hg on 29 Jan 2016
In my case, the A (red) is a line so I can thicken or extend it to get an intersection.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Jan 2016
There is no one pixel where the overlap occurs. If you'll accept any of those 4 pixel locations as an overlap, then perhaps if you dilated, ANDed, then called bwulterode. Something like (untested)
intImage = imdilate(bw1, true(3)) & imdilate(bw2, true(3));
intPoints = bwulterode(intImage);
bwulterode() has some connectivity options, so you might play around with those.
Hg on 1 Feb 2016
Got it. It is exactly what I need. Thanks for the insight!

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