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Read 1fps mp4 usinf videoreader or equivalent

Asked by Amit
on 28 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Amit
on 8 Feb 2016
I have two identical 1fps mp4 files which I want to stitch side-by-side (its 16:9 and I want a duplicate 32:9).
I am trying to use an available code, but stumbling in the first line as following:
>> vid1 = VideoReader('Left.mp4');
Error using VideoReader/init (line 457)
Failed to initialize internal resources.
Error in VideoReader (line 146)
This may be because my file is non-standard 1fps. Can someone help. The overall code I am trying to use if courtesy @SamuelNLP on StackOverflow and is as follows (its for avi but I have mp4):
close all
vid1 = VideoReader('video1.avi');
vid2 = VideoReader('video2.avi');
videoPlayer = vision.VideoPlayer;
% new video
outputVideo = VideoWriter('newvideo.avi');
outputVideo.FrameRate = vid1.FrameRate;
while hasFrame(vid1) && hasFrame(vid2)
img1 = readFrame(vid1);
img2 = readFrame(vid2);
imgt = horzcat(img1, img2);
% play video
step(videoPlayer, imgt);
% record new video
writeVideo(outputVideo, imgt);
Thanks much. Good day all.
Regards, Amit


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 28 Jan 2016

Are you using Linux? If so then you probably need to make a fix for gstreamer; see (Note that the problem has more symptoms than just those shown in that Question)


Dear Walter:
Thanks for your kind response. I am using Windows 10 and Matlab 2014a. I should have stated earlier.
The solution you pointed to is probably not applicable. For one, on windows I am not able to find the directory 'os' under 'sys'.
There are no more symptoms of problems as 2014a otherwise works perfectly fine for me.
Any further thoughts will be immensely useful.
Ah, what I referred to is Linux specific.

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 28 Jan 2016

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Hi again. My codecs seem to be in order. I think the problem is with 1fps which is somehow non-standard. Thanks very much anyway. I ended up achieving objective in ffmpeg.

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