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Rand Renwar
Rand Renwar on 29 Jan 2016
Answered: Image Analyst on 29 Jan 2016
I have to write a program which asks for three different numbers that then shows the three numbers that i wrote and then adds the biggest and the smallest number that i wrote.
Write your first number: 5
Write your second number: 4
Write your third number: 8
Sum is: 12
So far I've written a program that asks for three different numbers, it looks like this:
x=input('Write your first number: ')
y=input('Write your second number: ')
z=input('Write your third number: ')
That's everything that i have written so far. I'm thinking that i would need to write some 'elses' and 'if's' which commands which of x,y,z is the largest and the smallest.


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Answers (2)

Ingrid on 29 Jan 2016
it's probably easier if you store the values in one variable, that way you do not need any if-else commands
x = zeros(3,1);
x(1)=input('Write your first number: ') ;
x(2)=input('Write your second number: ') ;
x(3)=input('Write your third number: ')
sprintf('Sum is: %1.0f', min(x) + max(x))


Rand Renwar
Rand Renwar on 29 Jan 2016
Thank you, but I forgot to mention that I cannot use "sum, sprintf, min or max". I pretty much have to use if and else.
Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy on 29 Jan 2016
Can you use sort()?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jan 2016
Hint. Try this:
if x > y && x > z
theMax = x;
elseif y > x && y > z
theMax = y
and so on. Obviously use < instead of > when you want to find the min.


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