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Simulink is running very slow in a high end laptop

Asked by Hemanth Kumar on 3 Feb 2016
Latest activity Answered by Hemanth Kumar on 28 Feb 2016

I am using MatlabR2014b in my Dell Latitude E6420 laptop. My laptop specifications are 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor,8 GB ram,500 gb Hard disk with 50 gb of free space in C drive,Intel® HD Graphics 3000,2.50 Ghz CPU clock speed. Why my Matlab is running slow even with these high end specifications?


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Which OS do you have? Windows? If yes, 32bit or 64bit? If 64bit, which MATLAB version, 32bit or 64bit?

Windows 10 64 bit and obviously matlab is also 64bit

@Walter Roberson No my memory monitor is not showing less on memory. My laptop is just using 3.3gb out of 8gb when i am working on simulink.

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2 Answers

Answer by Naty S
on 3 Feb 2016

Have you tried using simulink accelerated mode?


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Answer by Hemanth Kumar on 28 Feb 2016

1.Open SIMULINK 2.Open "Model Configuration parameters" from "Simulation" menu on top (or) use shortcut key CTRL+E. 3.Select "solver" tab. 4.In "solver options" try using different types of "solvers" (available solvers are ode45(Dormand-Prince),ode23tb(stiff/TR-BDF2)...... e.t.c) 5.For me simulation time takes nearly 3 hours when i used "ode45(Dormand-Prince)" and just 1 minute when i used "ode23tb(stiff/TR-BDF2)".


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