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Knapsack problem using Dynamic Programming

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Adam Stevens
Adam Stevens on 4 Feb 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 19 Oct 2018
I wrote a matlab code to solve a knapsack problem and can get the optimal value of the knapsack but I am trying to figure out how to return the list of items that would lead to this optimal value. Can anyone help me see an easy way to do this?
global N w r c items;
N=3; % number of different items to chose from
w = [3,8,5]; % weights of each item
r = [4,6,5]; % value of each item
c = 8; % total weight that can be carried
V = Val(1,c)
function V = Val(k,b)
global N w r;
% N - number of different items
% w - array of weights for each item
% r - array of values for each item
m = floor(b/w(k)); % determine max number of item k for budget b
p = 0:m; % array of possible numbers of each item given budget b
if k==N
V = max(r(k)*p); % base case
temp = zeros(1,length(p));
% recursion step
for n=1:length(p)
% value of k+1 item given budget remaining if p number of item k is
% used
temp(n) = Val(k+1,b-w(k)*p(n));
V = max(r(k)*p + temp);

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Accepted Answer

Kiran on 12 Feb 2016
Check following link for complete implementation of 0/1 Knapsack problem on MATLAB central.
Hamed Hafizi
Hamed Hafizi on 19 Oct 2018
I am really seeing how to coding unbounded knapsack( to take one item more than one) in Matlab, is there anyone to code this type of knapsack in Matlab?

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