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How to eliminate or exclude complix numbers from an array solution?

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Hello everyone,
Is there any way to eliminate the complex numbers (real and imaginary parts) from a array solution. Or can I exclude the complex elements so the solution will just include the real numbers. For example, in the next array I just want the real elements ( the first four elements. Thanks for any suggestion.
sol =
0.88295725432536163128309307530013 - 0.1308999971886537594046901453934*i
0.1308999971886537594046901453934*i + 0.88295725432536163128309307530013
0.1528510148755374525528985048959*i - 2.0089069727922412635133142708447
- 0.1528510148755374525528985048959*i - 2.0089069727922412635133142708447


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