I calibrated my camera using Camera Calibration app,How do i apply it to my camera for further use

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The Code Generated using Camera Calibration App
% Define images to process imageFileNames = {'C:\Users\David Thangaraj\Desktop\Project\Calibration\DSCN2203.JPG',... 'C:\Users\David Thangaraj\Desktop\Project\Calibration\DSCN2207.JPG',... };
% Detect checkerboards in images [imagePoints, boardSize, imagesUsed] = detectCheckerboardPoints(imageFileNames); imageFileNames = imageFileNames(imagesUsed);
% Generate world coordinates of the corners of the squares squareSize = 2.850000e+01; % in units of 'mm' worldPoints = generateCheckerboardPoints(boardSize, squareSize);
% Calibrate the camera [cameraParams, imagesUsed, estimationErrors] = estimateCameraParameters(imagePoints, worldPoints, ... 'EstimateSkew', false, 'EstimateTangentialDistortion', false, ... 'NumRadialDistortionCoefficients', 2, 'WorldUnits', 'mm');
% View reprojection errors h1=figure; showReprojectionErrors(cameraParams, 'BarGraph');
% Visualize pattern locations h2=figure; showExtrinsics(cameraParams, 'CameraCentric');

Accepted Answer

Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 22 Feb 2016
If you click the "Export" button on the app, it will export a cameraParameters object to your workspace. There is a variety of functions that use it, such as undistortImage, cameraMatrix, and cameraPose.

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