Does Matlab's OPC toolbox support OPC-UA?

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Hullas Sehgal
Hullas Sehgal on 23 Feb 2016
Does Matlab's OPC toolbox support OPC-UA?

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Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain on 29 Feb 2016
Yes the below documentation page states that OPC toolbox supports OPC UA.
Refer to below doc page for more info:

Rodney Busquim e Silva
Rodney Busquim e Silva on 30 Oct 2018
Good morning, I am using the Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server for testing the Matlab OPC UA clien. It works very well if the Prosys and Matlab are running in the same machine (localhost - Windows 7). However, if I am running in a different host (also Windows 7) in the same network, I receive the following error:
Error using (line 625)
A low level communication error occurred.
Error in (line 409)
errorCode = clnt.fetchEndpoints;
Could ou help me, Rohit Jain ? (or someone else from Mathworks ?)


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