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Why is the 'untar' function not working with URL, as shown in the example?

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When I attempt to run the script from the 'untar' documentation:
That is:
>> url ='';
>> ncmFiles = untar(url,'ncm')
MATLAB throws an error:
Error using untar (line 84)
In 'MATLAB:untar:invalidTarFile', data type supplied is incorrect for parameter {1}.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 23 Feb 2016
This is a bug due to a specific interaction between our 'untar' function and this specific file.
The 'untar' function should still be able to untar most files, and it also should be able to deal with remote connections.
Our developers are looking into the feasibility of releasing a patch addressing this issue.

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Mikhail on 29 Feb 2016
Unfortunately, it's not only "this specific file". I stumble on this exact problem with other tar files from time to time.
I would appreciate having 'untar' function that is more robust.


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