Why using Text I get: "Error using text Invalid parameter/value pair arguments"?

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Hello all,
I enter this line:
text(double(Cell.pos.t(idxs_walls)),double(zeros(length(idxs_walls),1)),num2str(numbering_walls_and_corners(idxs_walls)),'r'); hold on;
and I receive:
Error using text
Invalid parameter/value pair arguments
Anyone knows the reason? I watched in other topic that the reason is because of that type of X or Y is not double, but this error remains after the convert to double too...
Thanks in Advance

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Mar 2016
text(double(Cell.pos.t(idxs_walls)), double(zeros(length(idxs_walls),1)), num2str(numbering_walls_and_corners(idxs_walls)), 'Color', 'r'); hold on;
You cannot just pass a color to text() like you can to plot(); you have to tell it that the parameter refers to color.

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