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How to import functions from a file to another?

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I have two files , (f1.m) one has functions , and the other one represents the code of a GUI (f2.m). I want to use these functions of f1 in f2. I tried (addpath) but it doesnt work I got ( Warning: Directory access failure matlab ). So I changed the access rights and still not working . What am I missing ? How can I import functions from a file to another file?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Mar 2016
Only the first function in a file, the one with the same name as the file, can be directly referred to by another file; that second file just needs to refer to the first one by name when the first one is on the path.
Any other functions in a file can only be referenced by way of a function handle somehow provided by the first function in a file. For example, the first function could return a structure of function handles that could then be used by in another routine.

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