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Saving a file with name of reference of other file name ?

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Hello all; I want to save two types of file(.stl and .mat) in which one file (.stl) will be saved by user with particular name . I need '.mat' type of file to be saved with having reference of title of '.stl' type file so that I can load .mat file automatically . for example - "abc.stl" and "abc_1.mat" ; "head.stl" and "head1.mat" here I am using .stl file for generating volume data (for saving faces and vertices) and .mat file for saving variables . Thankyou


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Mar 2016
When Filename is the user-provided filename (such as by way of uiputfile() ), then
mat_suffix = '_1.mat';
[filedir, basename, ext] = fileparts(Filename);
matFilename = fullfile(filedir, [basename mat_suffix]);

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 30 Mar 2016
Hi, it all depends on how the user introduces the *.stl file name, but taking for granted that the name is somehow available to you, this might help you out:
your_file_name = 'xxx.stl';
your_file_no_ext = your_file_name(1:end-4); % this gets rid of *.stl extension
your_mat_file = strcat(your_file_no_ext,'_1');
save(your_mat_file) % this will save your workspace variables in xxx_1.mat
Of course, you can save specific variables instead of the whole lot,
doc save
will give you the options to do so.

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