Profiling mex in Windows

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Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 5 Apr 2016
Edited: Ryan Povall on 8 Apr 2016
What are my options if I'd like to profile a mex file in Windows. I'm open to trying a specific compiler/workflow.
Thanks, Jim

Accepted Answer

Ryan Povall
Ryan Povall on 8 Apr 2016
Edited: Ryan Povall on 8 Apr 2016
It seems like you can profile MEX files using Visual Studio. From the menu, go to the "Analyze"-> "Profiler" -> "Attach/Detach" and attach the MATLAB.exe process. After which, you can run the MEX function and detach the process when complete.
Make sure when building the MEX file using the "mex" command, to include the -g and -O flags.
More information can be found from the following post:

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