Installation Related Problem for matlab 2015 version on windows 7

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I am trying to install matlab 2015a.But after clicking Finish i do not show any icon.It is mentioned in one text file that right click on matlab.exe and create it.But i don't find any matlab.exe file. Please anyone help me.

Accepted Answer

MBD4FUN on 6 Apr 2016
If you have installed Matlab properly, a shortcut icon will be placed on your desktop. However, if it isn't created after the installation for some reason. You can always create it manually by the following steps:
  1. Open windows command prompt
  2. Type "matlab -?" (without quotes) at prompt and hit enter
  3. If you see similar outputs as shown, then type "for %a in ("%path:;=";"%") do @echo %~a" at prompt and hit enter again
You will be able to find path where Matlab has been installed. Navigate to the bin folder and you will find the matlab.exe
Hope it helps! MBD4FUN

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