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How we Generates SIL,steps involved in sil testing.

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swaraj on 8 Feb 2012
Commented: ANKUR WADHWA on 8 Aug 2018
How shall we do SIL testing for a model,steps involved in sil testing. and how we are compare the sil(software in loop) test results with respect to MIL(model In Loop) Test Results.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 13 Feb 2012
Yes, TAB's link is what I would recommend also. TAB: Perhaps you should post it as an answer?

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Jens on 3 Dec 2012
The testing tool TPT supports functional testing of Simulink models executed in MiL or SiL mode. Back to back testing including tolerant signal comparison can be performed besie of other functional verification.

ANKUR WADHWA on 7 Aug 2018
Hello Can someone provide the updated link for the resource shared by Tabrez, it seems the link is not active anymore and is redirecting to mathworks default main page at

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