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Regarding: Creating a subsystem

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Sriharsha on 11 Feb 2012
i have an application where i need to create a subsystem using a GUI.
I have a model with a gain block and a filter block , followed by a scope, where my input is a sine wave.
Now i need to create a subsystem , in which i should include the gain and filter blocks into it (subsystem).
I need to do this using GUI.
The implementation flow is like:
I should select blocks and then i need to click a button on GUI, and then a subsystem should be created in place of blocks.
Can any one please help me in doing this??
Sriharsha S

Accepted Answer

TAB on 13 Feb 2012
In your button callback function, use
% Get the array of handle for selected blocks
% Create sybsystem from selected blocks
As Simulink.BlockDiagram.createSubSystem is not supported in my matlab version, I am not able to test above code, but it should work.

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Gagik Hakobyan
Gagik Hakobyan on 11 Feb 2012
Simulink.BlockDiagram.createSubSystem(yourSelectedBlocksList) builds a subsystem from the list of blocks, but i do not know how to get the selected blocks list.

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