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I am trying to generate Embedded code using command Line.
I have a simple simulink model, which consists an adder and two multipliers.
Now i want to generate an ert.tlc using command line.
If i build the system using configuration parameters, i am able to generate an EXE file.
But when i am trying to generate using command line, by using make_rtw (model), i am not able to generate an EXE file.
Can any one tell, why this is happening??
Sriharsha S
Sriharsha on 14 Feb 2012
There is no error.. But, we need to get an EXE file ...
There is no EXE file generated , while running through command line..
But, whem i use build button, there is an EXE file generated...

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 14 Feb 2012
The command to generate code from a model is rtwbuild(model), not make_rtw(model).

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