Transient Problem in Simulink

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Brendan on 10 Mar 2011
I am trying to solve a problem in simulink of the form u' = a + bu + cu^n. ANy suggestions? I'm still new to this, but this has me stuck...

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 10 Mar 2011
I suggest you go through the Getting Started section of the documentation to familiarise yourself with Simulink. Also have a look at the Simulink tutorial section of the web site. There are various demos in the product as well, which you can find in the help browser under Simulink -> Demos.
For your particular problem, you will need the following blocks to compute du/dt as a function of u:
One you have computed du/dt, you can get u(t) using an Integrator block, and close the loop by feeding the output of the integrator (i.e. u(t)) to the blocks above, that compute du/dt as a function of u(t).
Brendan on 10 Mar 2011
I looked through some of the university sites. I found this...
It discuses a problem similar enough to mine. I see I was putting the power in the wrong location. THanks

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