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I have designed a edge detection method using morphological operations.

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Prathusha Reddy
Prathusha Reddy on 2 Jul 2016
Answered: Aya Ahmed on 10 Feb 2020
How can I compare this method with existing methods like sobel, prewitt and canny? Are there any parameters to say that this method is superior or inferior

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jul 2016
You compare the performance of the algorithm to Ground Truth and come up with some kind of score.
Note that when you calculate the score for an actual edge determination that you would probably want to take into account the distance between the actual edge and the calculated edge, which is relatively simple if all of the edges are found, but gets more complicated if the calculated edges are missing some of the true edges (what penalty do you use?)


Prathusha Reddy
Prathusha Reddy on 2 Jul 2016
A Fuzzy Set Approach for Edge Detection Pushpajit A. Khaire & Dr. N. V. Thakur International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP), Volume (6): Issue (6), 2012
This paper gives 2 parameters Performance parameters used are PSNR and PR (Ratio of true to False Edges). How can we calculate Performance Ratio in matlab .Is PSNR same formula that we use in Image Denoising?

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Aya Ahmed
Aya Ahmed on 10 Feb 2020
do you have code to .. extract morphological features of galaxy image like (i) area, (ii) centroid, (iii) bounding box, (iv) major axis, (v) minor axis, (vi) eccentricity, (vii) orientation, (viii) convex area, and (ix) extrema?
plz help


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