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rebecca on 10 Mar 2011
Hey guys,
I'm a 2nd year electrical engineering student and am currently working on a project in which i have an arduino physically interfaced with an IMU 6DOF razor ( [My goal is to have an inertial navigation system by the end of the project].
My problem is that i need the 6 inputs in my razor to appear on my MATLAB simulink scope in 1 graph so as to have 6 different outputs in 1 axes.
How can i have multiple outputs on one scope? Must i adjust my arduino code or change the physicality of the simulink diagram too?
Help will be highly appreciated!

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 10 Mar 2011
Use a Mux block before connecting to the scope
rebecca on 11 Mar 2011
The thing is, i only have 1 port that is being used, but this port is connected to an Arduino that is reading 6 different inputs, where i wish to display each of these inputs onto the same graph. That is why i cant use a mux, because i only have one port being used. You understand why im stuck? :/
I dont know how to display multiple signals all coming from one port onto one graph.

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MarkB on 11 Mar 2011
The general idea is that "Scope" blocks have one graph per input port. If you want to have more than one signal displayed on a graph, you need to combine those signals using a "Mux" block to produce a single matrix/vector signal to connect to a single port on the "Scope".
MarkB on 14 Mar 2011
I'm not certain that I understand the 6-to-1 combination going on with the signal. Is it a signal of width 6, or is it multiplexed across time, or something else?

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