Importing matlab engine in Python, error: EnvironmentError: The installation of MATLAB Engine for Python is corrupted. Please reinstall it or contact MathWorks Technical Support for assistance.

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I am using Matlab 2015a, Python 2.7.10 on a mac running OS X El Capitan.
I installed the API without an error but when I open the python interpreter and try to import matlab.engine I get the Matlab installation is corrupted error.
The libpython2.7.dylib file can be found in
just like it's supposed to from what I read from other similar questions.
Is it a matter of compatibility between os 10.11 and the Matlab 2015a?

Accepted Answer

Bo Li
Bo Li on 21 Jul 2016
What is the version of Python? Python Engine from MATLAB R2015a works with CPython 2.7.12 from on Mac OSX 10.11.

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Bo Li
Bo Li on 20 Jul 2016
Would you try MATLAB R2016a?

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