Will Instrument Control Toolbox support my PicoScope 3204D under Mac OS X?

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Hello. Before buying Instrument Control Toolbox (ICT), I want to clarify, will it support my PicoScope 3204D under Mac OS X? PicoScope software works smooth on my mac, however, I didn't find information on ICT support for OS X. Thank you in advance.

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Pico Technology
Pico Technology on 8 Sep 2016
We can provide limited support for our Instrument Driver packages with MATLAB on Mac OS X. To use our Instructions Driver packages with Instrument Control Toolbox on Mac OS X involves generating the prototype and thunk files for the shared libraries.
If you wish to use our Instrument Driver package, please contact our Technical Support team and we can provide the relevant files to do the above.

Vinod on 24 Jul 2016
The picoscope driver is authored by picotech - the device manufacturers. You can contact the picotech technical support for questions about support on the Mac.


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