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Matlab 2016a xmakefilesetup error

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haibo tan
haibo tan on 23 Jul 2016
Answered: qingzhen wang on 17 Mar 2019
I encountered a problem when I type in xmakefilesetup in Matlab2016a prompt,(CCSv5)error display as follow:
error xmakefilesetup (line 11)
hObj = xmakefile.Setup;
Would you please to expain to me what should I do to deal with the issue. I would like to express my great gratification.


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Accepted Answer

haibo tan
haibo tan on 26 Jul 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 23 Aug 2018
everyone,I would like to explain to you who encountered the same questions,I tried different ways, its turn out in vain, But finally I solved the problems by reinstalling matlab, even though it looks like a little stupid, its useful. Thank you.

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TimWH on 13 Dec 2016
I need another solution. I can’t be reinstalling Matlab. It would take too long.

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qingzhen wang
qingzhen wang on 17 Mar 2019
I don't konw,me too


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