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Turn off compile mode

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I use Model([], [], [], 'compile') to set the model in compile mode before computing some checksums. After receiving the checksums I want to close the model but I get an error that the model can't be closed since it is being compiled.
How do I turn off the compile mode?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 21 Feb 2012
Run the following command to terminate simulation:
>> model([], [], [], 'term')
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Joe on 4 Oct 2017
One additional suggestion... if you ever find yourself in a situation where
model([], [], [], 'term')
does not work because Simulink "defers" the termination and you're stuck... Try the following,
set_param(gcs, 'SimulationCommand', 'stop')

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Lukas on 21 Sep 2018
If the above commands doesn't help and you still see:
Warning: Termination of 'model' deferred
then just try to execute model([],[],[],'term') multiple times.
I think this helps in case model had been compiled multiple times without terminating it. For example during debugging of a function that does this.
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Manu Madhu
Manu Madhu on 18 Jun 2020
Thank you, it works

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