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Calling an external software from MATLAB

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Harsh Shukla
Harsh Shukla on 3 Aug 2016
Edited: Harsh Shukla on 3 Aug 2016
Hi All,
I am using Linux-mint 18. I want to call external software from MATLAB. Here is what I have done so far but it is not working.
Let's say the name of my software is "my_software". It is located in "/home/hs/my_software" folder. If I want to open it using the terminal, I do "/home/hs/my_software/bin/my_software" and I can open using terminal. I have also created alias for it in .bashrc file. So if I just type in terminal "my_software", it opens the software.
However when I do in MATLAB "system('my_software')" it gives me the error "/bin/bash: my_software:command not found". If I do "system('/home/hs/my_software/bin/my_software')" then it works i.e. it open the software successfully using MATLAB.
May I ask that what I have to do so that my alias also works in MATLAB like in terminal i.e. if I do "system('my_software')" it successfully opens?


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Ammar Dodin
Ammar Dodin on 3 Aug 2016
Edited: Ammar Dodin on 3 Aug 2016

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Harsh Shukla
Harsh Shukla on 3 Aug 2016
Thank you. Yes indeed that was something I was looking for. For anyone who is trying to do the same...
  • Install tcsh if it is not installed already. (Synaptic package manager has it)
  • create ~/.cshrc file and put alias there e.g. "alias my_software /home/hs/my_software/bin/my_software". Do not put quotes in .cshrc file by the way.
  • edit ~/.bashrc file and add "export MATLAB_SHELL=/bin/tcsh". Again without quotes
  • Close all the terminals and restart matlab. It should work now.

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