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Regarding Version change from 2010a to 2011b

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Sriharsha on 22 Feb 2012
i was previously using 2010a. Now i changed my version of matlab to 2011b.
When i try to open any simulink model, that i built in 2010a, i get the following error in 2011b.
Warning: Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2011b\toolbox\stateflow\stateflow\sf.mexw32': The specified module could not be found.
Kindly help me to solve this..
i am using windows XP SP3...
Sriharsha S

Accepted Answer

Sriharsha on 22 Feb 2012
i solved this problem
In the location
""C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2011b\toolbox\stateflow\stateflow""
there is a matlab file naming 'eml_lib'...
I double clicked it .. Then it followed somesteps replacing older formats with new formats.
After sometime the system restarted,, and thereafter no error or warning displayed..
cheers.. for myself...

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