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idgrey error "too many arguments"

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Dave on 7 Aug 2016
Answered: Dave on 9 Aug 2016
When executing the idgrey command that includes "optional arguments" MATLAB appears to insert a zero at the beginning of the list of optional arguments and it then throws the error that there are too many arguments in the call to my ode function named in the idgrey command. What's going on???
I have read and re-read the documentation on idgrey, but to no avail.
Dave on 8 Aug 2016
there is no explicit time input. The ode function simply determines the ABCD matrix quadruple for the linear model of the ODEs.

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Dave on 9 Aug 2016
OK, here's the answer. Even though I found no mention of this in the documentation, "idgrey" passes the sampling interval "Ts" in the user supplied ode function input argument list, in addition to any additional arguments that need to passed. Consequently, since I passed just the list of arguments necessary, I received the error "Too many arguments." This issue was resolved by adding the dummy argument "Ts" in the ode function argument list, even though with a continuous system the sampling interval is known to be zero.

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