Plotting Multiple Linear Regressions

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Jenny on 8 Aug 2016
Answered: Jonathan Kwang on 11 Aug 2016
I've used the mdl = fitlm(x,y,'linear') function to fit a dataset, and I need to plot them all in one plot.
How do I change the format of the graph layout, for instance, I want to hide the confidence bounds. I couldn't find any info in the documentation.
Kind regards, Jenny

Answers (1)

Jonathan Kwang
Jonathan Kwang on 11 Aug 2016
I understand that you would like to know how to customize the appearance of the graph layout after plotting a linear regression model.
The following example fits a linear regression model and shows how you can access and modify the graphics handles returned when plotting the linear model.
>> load hald % load dataset
>> lm = fitlm(ingredients,heat)
>> h = plot(lm) % plot the linear model
>> confidenceLineHandle = h(3) % The confidence bounds line handle is the third element in the array.
>> confidenceLineHandle.Visible='off' % Hides the confidence bounds from the graph.
You can also refer to the following documentation page to learn more about "Chart Line Properties" and how to modify them.

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