How do I get the legend to ignore certain entries when plotting using the shadedErrorBar function?

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I am plotting using shadedErrorBar function and I'd like to have the legend completely ignore the first three entries which represent the shaded error bar and its bounds, and keep just the one solid black line with the 'Float dpCO2' data. Here's the code i'm using:
figure('Position', [100, 100, 600, 400]);
hold on;
error=0.025; %%2.5% TOTAL UNCERTAINTY
hold off;
legend '' '' '' 'Float dpCO_2' 'Takahashi 2014' 'Landschutzer 2014' 'pCO_2_a' 'Float sensed ice'...
'location' 'South'
ylabel '\DeltapCO_2 (\muatm)';
%ylim ([340 480]);
xlim ([min(F9099.datenum) max(F9099.datenum)])
datetick ('x', 'mmm','keeplimits');
print -dpng F9099dpCO2shadederrorclim;
crop ('F9099dpCO2shadederrorclim.png');

Accepted Answer

Jonathan Kwang
Jonathan Kwang on 12 Aug 2016
The "shadedErrorBar" function is a File Exchange submission and not a builtin MATLAB function. It is usually best to contact the author(s) of the submission to resolve any issues you may have.

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