Fail connecting matlab to python using 'matlab_wrapper' python package

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hamdi jbeli
hamdi jbeli on 17 Aug 2016
Edited: James Tursa on 22 Aug 2016
Am connecting between python and matlab using the 'matlab_wrapper' package. But when I run the script in python,it gives me the following error :
RuntimeError: MATLAB function object at 0x00000000039BE388 failed (<matlab_wrapper.matlab_session.LP_mxArray object at 0x00000000039D3348>) with arguments: (<matlab_wrapper.matlab_session.LP_Engine object at 0x00000000039BA6C8>, 'ERRSTR__')
It's obvious the problem is on the matlab_wrapper package but I don't know exactly where.Can Anyone help please. i'll appreciate it

Answers (1)

Bo Li
Bo Li on 17 Aug 2016
You may consider MATLAB Engine API for Python which was introduced in R2014b:


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