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Is it possible to make a 4CP plot in Matlab?

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CmRock001 on 17 Aug 2016
Answered: Peter Orthmann on 12 Feb 2019
I'm looking to make a 4 coordinate paper plot in Matlab. I have not seen this done before, but I'm assuming there is a way it can be done. Has anyone ever successfully made one? I've done quite a bit of searching and have not found anything. If you're not sure what a 4CP plot looks like, check the link below and look at Figure 4. As a side note, it's used to make a Pseudo-Velocity Shock Spectrum (PVSS) in structural dynamics where the displacement, velocity, and acceleration asymptotes are represented per frequency. Thanks for your help.

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Albert on 18 Aug 2017
Howard Gaberson wrote some Matlab functions to create this kind of plot. I have been studying this to attempt to make a somewhat better implementation.

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