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A = ('Matlab Programming');
B = uint8(A);
C = dec2bin(B,8);
D = reshape(C',1,[]);
Output of D =
I need to convert D to text====>>>('Matlab Programming') so split D to 8 bits====>>
E = reshape(D,[],8);
F = bin2dec(E);
G = char(F);
but G don't the correct text
output of G = F s + G è S * W

Accepted Answer

Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso on 23 Feb 2012
I think your step creating e should be
E = reshape(D,8,[])'
The way you have it now does not properly reorder the string of 1's and 0's to the original representation of C
Aseel H
Aseel H on 23 Feb 2012
sorry, I don't see transform (')
it work correctly
thank you very much

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