how to specify java heap size on cluster?

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gtg733w on 18 Aug 2016
Commented: Martin Lechner on 21 Jun 2023
I am trying to run matlab on a cluster. I need to increase the java heap size in matlab, but since it's a cluster, I can't use the GUI method to do this. Is there a command line flag to specify the java heap size on start-up? Something like matlab -nosplash - Xmx.... Or, is there a start-up options file on the cluster that I can edit? I have read about editing the java.opts file or the startup.m file, but it seems like these would not be allowed on a cluster.

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Abel Szkalisity
Abel Szkalisity on 6 Feb 2021
But honeslty, to me none of the answers suggested there solved my problem (namely to increase the java-heap size on the cluster).
It turned out (at least the experience shows), that the environment variable _JAVA_OPTIONS is overriding the settings both in java.opts and in the matlab.prf file. On linux try sg like:
export _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx2048m
in your command line before starting matlab to increase the heap space. This worked for me on R2019a in a linux cluster.
Martin Lechner
Martin Lechner on 21 Jun 2023
This solution works perfectly for my standalone Matlab applications on Linux calculation clusters.

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