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Need help with image registration

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sharika on 1 Sep 2016
Hi everyone, Could you please help me in validating image registration. I have used control point based registration technique but unsure how to validate my resultant image. Please help


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Mohammad on 2 Sep 2016
The following example may be helpful. Make a distorted image by providing specific rotation, translation and scaling to an input image (steps 1,2). Register distorted image to the input image using your method, and produce recovered image (steps (3,4,5,6). Then validate by comparing the recovered image to the input image.


sharika on 2 Sep 2016
Thanks Mohammad,
I have to co-register(register images taking one of them as reference) a set of images (set of satellite images of same scene taken at different time/year) So I don't think I could get the input rotation/translation.
Could you please help me to find another way to validate the co-registered images that are taken at different timespan of the same scene.
sandra viaña borja
sandra viaña borja on 26 May 2017
Hi Shakira I need to do the same thing you asked (co-register a set of images from satellite images). Finally you made it? I would be very thankful if you could give a piece of advice.

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