Change shortcut for focusing command window and editor?

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Vukan Turkulov
Vukan Turkulov on 2 Sep 2016
Commented: jessupj on 1 Dec 2021
The keyboard shortcuts for focusing the command window and the editor are Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+Shift+0. I want to change them, however I cannot find them listed in the keyboard shortcuts options in preferences. Is it possible to change them, or are they intended to be unchangable?

Answers (1)

Jonathan Kwang
Jonathan Kwang on 7 Sep 2016
Unfortunately, you are not able to customize the keyboard shortcut for making the command window or editor the active tool.
More information about which keyboard shortcuts you cannot customize can be found at the following link:
jessupj on 1 Dec 2021
Any updates on this VERY BASIC feature in the past few releases?

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