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Regarding XPC Target

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Sriharsha on 27 Feb 2012
i am trying to connect my PC to a Target PC.
using xpcexplr, i configured the target address also. i am using standalone mode. i am using cross cable to connect the host and target pc.
when i try to connect to target pc, i get the following errors.
#Test 1, Ping target PC 'TargetPC1' using system ping: ... OK
#Test 2, Ping target PC 'TargetPC1' using xpctargetping: ... FAILED
What could be the error??
Any ideas??

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 27 Feb 2012
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Sriharsha on 28 Feb 2012
Thank you for the suggestion.
One more question.. I am facing same problem even when i try using NETWORK BOOT.
Cant we work without booting a disk?
Cant we directly transfer using Network boot?
please clear these doubts..
Thanks for the reply..

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Chaitanya on 2 Mar 2012
What are you trying to achieve here? You need to create a new kernal, and boot the target PC if you change the xpc environment setup (see xpcgetenv command). network boot allows you to do that over the network.

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