Error while importing the excel file into signal builder

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I am using MATLAB 2015a. In the signal builder i am trying to import the excel file for getting the channels. I am getting import file error window THe message is "File format does not comply with Signal Builder required format (See status panel for details)"
In THe status window it is saying that the file is not valid excel work book.
Same file is working on another laptop with same Matlab version

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Answers (3)

Ahmed Desoky
Ahmed Desoky on 17 Apr 2017
I have the same problem on 2016a. did you get a solution?

Ahmed on 1 Apr 2018
Try to save the Excel file with .xlsx format. Another solution is to save the file in rows instead of column format.

호준 임
호준 임 on 8 Jul 2021
Hi guys use .xls

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