Report Generation: Capturing hundreds of figures

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I'm generating a simple report, and have developed code to build 100 subplots, each with five plots, for a Matlab generated report. Unfortunatly, I can only get through about 65 of the figures before matlab barfs and crashes. I have not figured out how to trick matlab to capture the figures as they are generated so I can close them-- the eval code generates all the figures.
I'm considering just engineering a stop command in to do the first fifty, then loop the figure snapshots, then capture the next 50, but it seems an inelegant way to approach the problem.

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Nishaat Vasi
Nishaat Vasi on 5 Mar 2012
Did you try increasing the Java heap space?
Sometimes Report Generator causes out-of-memory issues because it stores the image snapshots in memory before publishing the entire document.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Mar 2012
Chances are you don't need 50 or 100 open up all simultaneously. Just create one at a time. Create it, save it with export_fig(), then close it down, then repeat for all the other 99 figure windows. That way you only have one open at a time.

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