Creating tables using loops

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Raahul Palanivel Uma
Raahul Palanivel Uma on 10 Oct 2016
I am performing an Interpolation between a set of values (200,190,180,160) and I want to store the results in a single Matrix. I'm have used a for-Loop so that the Interpolation is done between all the values in my Input Array. If I interpolate 9 values between each Input value, I must have a Matrix with 41 values (200,199,198...160) as the end result. But I have 44 values in the Matrix since each time the Loop executes, the Interpolation is carried out between 200 & 190, then 190 & 180 and so on. I want the each column of Interpolation step to be replaced by the first column of the next Interpolation step. If anyone could suggest me a solution, it would be very helpful. I Need to know how to proceed with the incrementation and store the final result in a single Matrix. Thanks in advance Raahul
Raahul Palanivel Uma
Raahul Palanivel Uma on 10 Oct 2016
the number of rows and columns are constant during each Interpolation step.

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Answers (1)

Pritesh Shah
Pritesh Shah on 10 Oct 2016
In each Interpolation step, A(end)=[];
This should work.

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