how do I add MEAN to Boxplot?

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Mohammed on 13 Oct 2016
Answered: Camilo Cárdenas on 13 Apr 2022
I am thinking about locating MEAN as a straight horizontal line or a symbol inside the boxplots for illustration purposes. I would say it is possible since distributions are not significantly skewed. Any suggestions?!
Here is a MATLAB sample code:
rng default % For reproducibility
x1 = normrnd(5,1,100,1);
x2 = normrnd(6,1,100,1);
boxplot([x1,x2],'Notch','on','Labels',{'mu = 5','mu = 6'})
title('Compare Random Data from Different Distributions')
cust_colr = [0, 0.5, 1
0.60156, 0.80078, 0.19531
0.5, 0, 0];
h = findobj(gca,'Tag','Box');
for j=1:length(h)
Output picture is shown below:

Accepted Answer

michio on 14 Oct 2016
The ability to plot the mean values using boxplot is not available as of release R2016b. To work around this issue, you can find these values and plot them manually. The example below shows how to plot the mean value of each group:
% Generate random data
X = rand(10);
% Create a new figure and draw a box plot
% Overlay the mean as green diamonds
hold on
plot(mean(X), 'dg')
hold off
Bárbara Antonucci
Bárbara Antonucci on 7 Sep 2021
Is functionally. Very great!

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Camilo Cárdenas
Camilo Cárdenas on 13 Apr 2022
Hi, thank you for your post.
I have got a question:
What aboout, if you have more than one box in a Diagramm? How can you assingn it to each group of data?

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