I can't drag and drop mat file into workspace

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Andrew on 14 Oct 2016
Answered: Yuan Chen on 12 Apr 2018
When I drag a MAT file from Windows Explorer into any of the Matlab panes (Command Window, Workspace, Variable Browser, etc, etc) the mouse cursor changes from the normal Arrow to a Violation symbol (black circle with a line through it).
This behavior did NOT happen a few days ago, but, all of a sudden, does occur.
I'm using Matlab R2015b, 64 bit, on a Windows 10 machine.
No new software has been installed onto my computer from the time Matlab worked properly until the time that it stopped working properly.
What is the fix? And what caused this problem to begin with?

Answers (2)

Pritesh Shah
Pritesh Shah on 14 Oct 2016

Yuan Chen
Yuan Chen on 12 Apr 2018
I have the same issue, and how would you solve the problem in Matlab? My windows drag and drop work well.


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