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fuzzy logic

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sathish JAYARAMAN on 13 Mar 2011
Answered: said belhadj on 5 Sep 2019
I have used the rule MAMDANI and have defined the set of rules to implement a DC - DC converter using Fuzzy Logics. The input of 20 V is boosting to 39.6 V when I use a PI controller. But when I replace the PI with a Fuzzy controller I get the error
1) SOURCE Demux. Invalid setting for Input port dimensions of the filename/fuzzy logic controller/FIS though the Rule viewer starts evaluating the initial set of rules .
2) SOURCE: IN1 error in Output port of FUzzy logic controller with rule viewer.
the rule viewer is followed by an anomalous Question mark (?)..which I am not able to rectify! please help me in this regard.

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Manuel Valverde Ibáñez
Manuel Valverde Ibáñez on 6 Jun 2012
How is your Fuzzy Controller? MiSO or SISO? You must conect a saturation block and a gain for each input (error and change of error, for example) to put it in the universe of discourse.

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said belhadj
said belhadj on 5 Sep 2019
Hello, I want to use the memberships functions to define my two inputs and outputs but I do not know how to limit their intervals knowing that the first entry varies from -100 to +100, the second entry from 0 to 30 and the output from 0 to 100 Do you have an idea ??? Thank you.


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